Hamid Reza Severi
       Art Historian and Curator
       Born: Sari, Iran 1958

       M.A. in Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
       B.A. in Art Studio, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

       1997-8 Head of Photography Dept., Art & Architecture Faculty of Azad University
       1998-1999 Educational Affair Deputy, Art & Architecture Faculty of Azad University
       2003-08 Head of Research Dept. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
       2003- Now, Member of Art Research Council, Iranian Academy of the Arts

Courses: Art History Survey, Art Criticism, Introduction to Contemporary Art, Introduction to Contemporary Photography, Introduction to Feminist Art and Aesthetics
At: Tehran University, University of Art, Azad Islamic University, Aria Gallery, Mah-e Mehr Cultural and Artistic Institute, Qobad Shiva Art & Cultural Institute

Jury member for various domestic and regional art competitions including:

        Students’ Art and Cultural Festival, Tehran, 2001
        9th Photography Contest, Muscat, Omman 2002
        The International Student Fajr Theater Festival, Photography Section 2002
        First Digital Photography Contest, Tehran, 2003
        4th Tehran Sculpture Biennale, 2005
        2nd Sand Sculpture Festival, Babolsar, 2006
 The South Regional Drawing and Painting Festival, Qeshm, 2007
 Creative Photography, Fanoos Slide Show Contest, 2007
 3rd Sand Sculpture Festival, Babolsar and Sari, 2007
 Vision Photography Festival, Shemiranat, 2007
        The Third Art University Photo Festival, 2008

Member of policymaking committee for:

 11th Iran Photo Biennale 2008
 9th Tehran Photo Biennale, 2004
 3rd New Art Exhibition, Tehran 2004
 2nd New Art Exhibition, Tehran, 2002

Conference Secretary of:

  6th Tehran Painting Biennale, 2003 Tehran Museum of Comtemorary Ar
         Modern Art Movement Exhibition 2005 Tehran Museum of Comtemorary Art
         Iranian Modern Art Movement Exhibition 2005 Tehran Museum of Comtemorary Art
         Silver Windows: A Selection of evening maternity dresses Iranian Contemporary Photographers Exhibition 2006 Tehran Museum of Comtemorary Art
         The First Self-Taught Artists Festival, May 2009

Co-Curator of:

"A Glimpse of Iran; A Selection of Iranian Contemporary Photography", Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece, 10 - 24 NOVEMBER 2002
"Persian Silver; polo ralph lauren shirts Contemporary Photography from Iran", Nash Gallery, Minnesota, USA, 2004
“Beams of Blue: Iranian Video Art”, Apeejay Media Gallery, New Delhi, India, 2004 and many venues in Italy
“Persian Vision: Contemporary Photography from Iran”, for catalogue, and venues in different cities in the USA click here


Book Review of Life in Iran CIRA Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 3 USA 1995
Introduction of A Glimpse of Iran Catalogue of the Exhibiton 2002
“Photography Creates Reality” Jam-e Jam Newspaper, Oct. 2nd 2001 p.
“Reading a Photograph” Creative Photography Summer/Fall 2006 No. 7-8, pp 87-88.
“Desiring Contemporary Iranian patek philippe replica watch Photography” Introduction to Ey! Iran: Contemporary Iranian Photography Gold Coast Art Gallery, Australia, 2006
"Text or Board" Javid Ramezani (2005-2009) Catalog
“Walking on a Thin Rope” Breaking News: Contemporary Art from the Middle East Paris 2008


Sep. 1999 “Rehabilitation in Tehran” A report in Towards Community Awareness for Rehabilitating the replica patek philippe watches Physical Environment for Special Education Needs Amman, Jordan
May 2001 “New Kinds of Art” Arasbaran Cultural Center
Sep. 2001 “Postmodernism and Photography” Tarikh Publishing House
May 2002 “Conceptual Art” Art Univesity
Sep. 2002 “ Minimalism, Post Minimalism and Photography” Arasbaran Cultural Center
Sep. 2002 “Photographic Views on Iran: Near and Far” Niaavaran Cultural Center
Nov. 2002 “Contemporary Art and Photography” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Jan. 2003 “ Photo Art patek philippe fake in Contemporary World” Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art
Mar. 2003 “Association of Paintbrush and Lens” Isfahan Painting Biennale
Apr. 2003 “Appropriation in Contemporary Photography” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Aug. 2004 “Women and Art History” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Oct. 2004 “Iranian Video Art” Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Dec. 2004 “Association of Photograph and Sculpture” Iranian Artists’ Forum
April 2005 “Anna Mendieta and Earth-Body” Iranian Artists’ Forum
July 2005 “New Generation of Iranian Art Photographers: Approaches and Challenges” Kellog College, Oxford University
Sep. 2005 “Donald Judd: on Praising the Perception of Object” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Apr. 2006 “An Overview of the Art of the Last Four Decades” Sari
Aug. 2006 “Samples of Contemporary Photo Art Approaches” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Jan. 2007 “Art Criticism: the Entanglement of Frame or the Expanded Taste” Sari
Feb. 2007 “ Whys and Hows in Contemporary Art” Yazd University
Oct. 2007 “Mokarrameh, Narrator of Concerns”, Darikandeh, Babol
Nov. 2007 “The Role of Size in Contemporary Sculpture” Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Feb. 2008 “ Whys and Hows of Neo-Conceptual Art” Nishaboor University
Apr. 2008 “Relationship between Contemporary Art and Craft” Sooreh University
May 2008 “Revising the Craft Education: A necessity” University of Art
Jun. 2008 “Post Modernism and Photography” Iranian Academy of the Arts
Jul. 2008 “Sculpture and Media” Iranian Artists’ Forum
. 2008 “Photography on Photography” Art University
Nov. 2008 “Participation Art” Laleh Gallery
Dec. 2008 “Why Drawing in the Age of Post-Media” Iranian Artists Organization
Apr. 2009 “Self-Portrait: Which Self? Which Concept” Azad Art Gallery


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